Your body is made up of at least 54 muscle chains that contract and relax periodically.
Even at rest.*

But not necessarily at the right time or at the right rythm…

We need to know how blood is brought in, how arterial blood returns when it has done its job, and what might prevent it from returning.
Without this information, our opinion about the cause of abnormalities in perfect health is unfounded.

Andrew Taylor Still
Founder of osteopathy


But why this muscular activity?

The muscles, by contracting and relaxing regularly, will ensure the driving role of venous circulation.

Two groups work alternately. While one group contracts, the other relaxes. They are organised in such a way that they mobilise the joints and tissues permanently, thus allowing them to drain.

We call this activity Permanent Muscle Motility. (PMM)

How it's Work?

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