Miscellaneous Testimonials

Mr. Herve Julien is an excellent practitioner.
A very well targeted diagnosis only after the questioning and active listening that he practices at the beginning of the consultation.
The rebalancing that he practiced with dexterity made the tensions for which I consulted him disappear.
I strongly recommend him.






On the advice of a friend, I made an appointment with you.
Declared “Fibromyalqic” for several years, I regularly do a thermal cure with DAX, also thalassotherapy, but for the last few months I have been feeling tired, weary, “drained”, without energy, bad everywhere, sleep very degraded, stressed/anxious, badly in my skin, …

At the end of my first appointment on 12/12/2018, I was like on a cloud, very light and disconnected from my ills, another, …
The following days, perceptibly the pains were less and the sleep better.

2nd session on 18/12/2018, before leaving for 5 days in Prague where I walked a lot: very resistant knees, little pain, light legs, good sleep, …

3rd session on 04/01/2019 : a little tired by my trip to Prague, after this session, I found my dynamic again with however still some pains but lessened, especially in the lower back … my sleep is stabilized, the knees are less painful especially to go up/down the stairs, the stress has almost disappeared, …

My 4th session is scheduled for x xxx …

In conclusion, in one month and 3 sessions, I found a dynamic and a better psychological balance, notably due to better sleep.
You have “golden” hands and I thank you.

Yours sincerely


I was fibromyalgic and recognized as such by the AMBROISE PARE Hospital in BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT from 2015.

I had almost 100% of the symptoms of this heavy syndrome: an immense chronic fatigue, very heavy insomnia, daily nausea, stomach aches, dizziness, arrhythmias, frequent cystitis and of course these muscular and articular pains so particular and disabling, diffuse and constant to the point of wanting to change body so much the existence had become painful.

I refused to take the antidepressants that were prescribed to me, leaving all my hopes on balneotherapy and osteopathic sessions that gave me moments of respite. I would like to point out that I am an osteopathy student myself and therefore know some excellent osteopaths.

At the bend of a training course, I push the door of the cabinet of Mr Hervé JULIEN.
The concept of HEMODYNAMICS that he explains to me immediately appeals to me. Intellectually, I am, indeed, very seduced by this theory which brings so many answers and seems so logical to me.
My first session arrives and there it is a real shock: my pains stop, the heaviness I had in my arms, my legs disappear.
Mr JULIEN scheduled a session for me 2 weeks later. During this 2-week interval, the pains have not reappeared, I have no more nausea!
I had like that 3 sessions over 2 months and since then I speak about FIBROMYALGIA definitely in the past tense hoping that this testimony will reach the greatest number.

It remains for me to add that thanks to HEMODYNAMICS, I no longer suffer from heavy legs.

I then asked to do a 2-month internship with Mr JULIEN.
I saw healings so “marvellous” such as frozen shoulder treated in 1 session, calcaneal spur, heavy sciatica, lumbago, cervical pain, and the same: 1 session, that I now wish to become a hemodynamic osteopath for having understood all the therapeutic power.

Victoria Hoxard


Venous Insufficiency

Since my teenage years, I suffered from “heavy legs” of œdemas of the feet and ankles, without finding an answer to reduce the pain, the heating, the problems to put on shoes and to avoid wearing support stockings in the middle of summer … No drug treatment, no so-called “grandmother’s” remedies seemed to be effective.
Since September 2018, the osteopathy sessions – at a rate of 5 or 6 spread over the year – have been particularly beneficial, even “miraculous” : the pains, the œdemas have practically disappeared, I can now easily put on my shoes from morning to evening !

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